This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-07-11 18:00:00 to 2021-07-18 22:59:59. View 115 entries

What is GJL Game Parade?

It's the official Game Jobs Live game jam! A two-weeks long marathon (the second only for debugging and polishing) to showcase your talent and to have fun together building short experiences or tiny, fun, games. As usual, we've partnered with many industry veterans and famous studios that are so eager to provide their judgement and find their next great hire.

Check the schedule and the Judge's Pick Awards Categories below!!!

Some of our esteemed judges:

Some of the games created at the last Game Parade jams:



11th July 19.00 UK Time
Theme Reveal livestream

18th July 23.59 UK Time
Submissions Uploads Closure

19th to 25th July
First Round Judging
Uploads Unlocked for polishing and debugging
Every submission page must present two downloadable files: the first submission and the updated one.

26th to 30th July
Projects Playthrough livestreams
Second Round Judging

1st August
Awards livestream event

Who can join?

Anyone! From every part of the world, of any age. We allow teams and solo developers: show your skills, have fun, enlarge your portfolio! We suggest teams to have no more than 6 members, it may become tricky to manage larger ones.



Tools and Shortcuts

There are no restrictions on tools, software, asset/sound packs you can use during the jam; it's yours to ensure yourself the legal right to use them. On submission, you'll be asked to declare and list any packs you may have used. We encourage teams to build as much from scratch as they want, that's the fun of a jam!


The projects need to run on Windows or browser. You can support other platforms, but ensure one of the two above to make the wider audience play your game! On submission, you'll be asked to provide a link to download and inspect your project's source code. That's not part of the evaluation process, but we may have some judges wishing to do it.

Rating & Judging

The rating period will last two weeks: only submitters can vote during the first. These votes will rate the games in terms of Overall, Visuals, Fun, and Sound. The first criterion is about the overall experience and enjoyment, the others are quite self-expressed. During the second week, our industry partners will jump in to provide their evaluation. It will be exposed through the "Judge's pick" categories, which are:

Best Use of Theme
Most Fun
Technical Accomplishment
Most Commercially Viable
Best Use of Audio
Best Original Audio
Best 2D Art
Best 3D Art
Best Game Design
Best Level Design
Best Story
Best Solo Game


Every game and content you will submit to the jam page is yours/your team property. Game Jobs Live will never claim any ownership. But by taking part you give permission to Games Jobs Live to show any submission in YouTube etc videos and livestreams.

Official Channels

We created an official Game Parade Discord server you may want to join to look for teammates or have confrontation and support during before and during the jam. Here's the link: Games Jobs Live Discord . You'll find channels for DevLogs and Post Mortems: we highly encourage teams to write a daily progress report to underline the challenges and the solutions your team applied, sharing how your team works and how it overcomes any obstacle or issue. Let's make this a shared experience so we can all grow together! 

Thanks for joining us. If you have any doubt or question join our Discord server: we're eager to solve and answer!
Take your chances to expose your talent to the industry, you'll never know!
We hope everyone will have a lot of fun!

Game Jobs Live Staff
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