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Halloween Game Jam is a 7 day, game development jam for the aspiring game developers which make up the membership of the Games Development Society.

The Jam will officially begin at 5pm tonight and end at 5pm on the 31st October.

Halloween Game Jam involves a theme that is announced as soon as it starts to spice things up. 

You don't get the theme early so you can't really plan game mechanics ahead of time, but you can certainly create/source general assets in preparation for the jam. 

Remember, theme is purely inspirational. Feel free to interpret it however you want.

This jam's theme will be announced at 5pm. 


  • You may only make your game within the time frame, I will check. However, updates are allowed after the game has been submitted.
  • No harassment of any kind.
  • Keep game content clean. No nsfw content, offensive content, overly-excessive gore/violence.
  • You can follow tutorials and use pre-made assets that were not made for this jam, like asset packs, or assets from older projects of yours.
  • Follow any limitations given.
  • Read the rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.

Any games that do not follow these rules may be removed from the jam.

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Just a small section of a platformer
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Play as a small skeleton who must Escape the Crypt.
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Things that go bump in the dark are alot scarier.
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