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Little story game exploring some feelings
Submitted by Glaikunt — 5 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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What did the time frame of your development look like?
I would say about 40-50 hours.

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Really cool the way you made the art with the limited color palette.  I also liked the kind of cynical humor around common game tropes.  I wasn't able to get past the block to jump up on the double jump part.  Is that where it's incomplete?  Anyway, cool start!  One piece of feedback I'd give is that the jump should be a little more floaty, or the camera should be a bit elastic or something.  With the character jump falling so hard and having it tied to the camera makes it a bit hard to follow.


Hey Brain, thanks for the feedback always appreciated! Hopfully you'll get to try the final version :)

Submitted (1 edit)

you accelerate a lot on the way down for the jumps which makes it feel very unforgiving and a lot more difficult.  I sadly couldnt get to the feelings because of the difficulty spike the first jump i didnt feel like i made it i just seemed to shoop my way up there so it felt un earned.the art is great, i dont know what these cute little dudes are but they look cool!


The art for this game is fantastic and in my opinion the best use of the limited color palette modifier. There is an extreme difficulty curve spike right when the double jump is introduced, which led to some frustration when playing. I think if the difficulty curve didn't have such a large spike the game would really benefit. Maybe try adding a double jump introduction section that is quite forgiving, that way the flow of the game isn't broken up right as the first interesting mechanic is introduced. Like always, your game has a unique charm to it. Your very good at the emotional exploration aspect!


Thanks! Sticking to the 3 colour pallete was harder than I was expectin. I was thinking of going with black & white to make it simple but I didn't feel like I could personally make that work. 100% agree, trying to clean up the level design and double jump. Thanks! That comment is really nice to hear. I do feel though I need to start showing more rather that saying/typing.

Appreciate you giving it a playthrough! (hopefully you'll get to see a full version soonish) :)


Nice game,

Was a bit to hard for me never made it passed the level where you got double jump.


Yip that's fair especially since the input for the HTML version is bugged. Appreciate you giving it some time :)


Good showing!


Cheers! :D


I like the art style! And the sense of humor! Also, I thought you did a good job teaching the player and introducing the controls.

I felt personally felt that maybe gravity was too strong and I sank too quickly. Some of the jump obstacles felt frustrating because of it.

Nice job!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Having warm feelings inside reading this one appreciate it! I agree, i've been trying to play about with the gravity a bit more so it's not as punishing.

Thanks for giving it a play : )


Well, i liked it! A simple yet entertaining platformer. The controls were good whereas the camera was a bit to snappy. It would have bin good if it would follow a bit behind (Lerping the position delta etc.).

The Double Jump section was though yet well designed!

Good job


It's a good shout, I did feel that as well. I'm trying to make it a bit smoother when moving about. Thanks for playing!


 The dialog was a bit slow and at first I didn't know I was being talked to. If not for the ability to jump with the up arrow I would have never made that double jump challenge. After getting the shoot ability (unless I messed something up) I had nothing to shoot at. I ended up in a pit with no way out, I'm guessing that was the end. Overall the idea, minimal art and animation was pretty solid. Some sound effects and a clear ending state would go a long way.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yeah the input for jumping is a bit messed up for the HTML. Yip I didn't really have time to put something in so I just left it as I am still working on finishing the game. You basically completed it (their was nothing to shoot yet sadly) which I really appreciate especially since I feel it's kind of a mess right now.

Thanks for playing again appreciate it :)


The art is quite nice, the dialogs are a bit long though, some quirky music would've added a really nice touch 
However, implementing double jumps is hard, even more if you're asking the player to do pixel perfect jumps , it needs a strong and well defined kinesthetic so the player can easily understand the extent of its jump just by performing it, and not actually having him try multiple times


Appreciate the feedback! 

Yeah it's a good call. Thinking I need to show rather than tell. Makes sense will look into that a bit more. Sadly didn't get time to implement the music/sounds.