This jam is now over. It ran from 2017-04-14 19:00:00 to 2017-04-17 19:00:00. View results

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GC Jam 3 (AKA Slime Jam) is officially over! Thank you to everyone for participating! Here are the winners:

1. Kami for "Slime"!

2. Papercookies for "Slaunch"!

3. securas for "Slimy Snails From Space"!

Congratulations, winners, and again, thank you so much to everyone for participating!

This artwork is by Tuckie!

Welcome to to the 3rd Game Creators' game jam! Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of experience! As long as you follow the rules listed below.


  • Must start from scratch.
  • Must follow the given theme.
  • May use any game engine.
  • May work alone or with a team.

This jam's theme is: Slimes!

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macOS (2)
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humies stole the princess slime (#gcjam3 entry)
Role Playing
A game for GCJam3 #slimes
A dropper style game. You must click and drag the terrain to bounce your slime around.
For the GC Game Jam #3
Kill SLIMES with your SWORD
Play in browser
Launch a slime around a little map :)
A physics based platformer in which you change your slime's color to interact with the environment differently.
Conquer the world while devouring it's inhabitants. For the GCJam#3
Cure the infection.
Play in browser
rpg survival, craft stone, trees, buy tonic, ether etc...
Role Playing
Play in browser
Pong with Slimes and Powerups
Play in browser
Stack slimes and destroy the town!
Play in browser
Half a platformer for the GCJam3