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Overheat (GBJAM7 Version)View game page

A really short SHMUP based on the Gameboy!
Submitted by NotSoMagical (@IrrelevantZen) — 2 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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That was a nice little game! Although most things made me confused and frustrated in relation to the gameplay and the UI.

Some enemy attacks look like power-ups/goodies you can collect to gain any sort of advantage or health. Except they're not. And even if it should be obvious that they're not because of where they come from, if they appeared from the outside of the camera view, I would still think of them as something that wasn't harmful or bad.

For the game size that is given to us (the part where the actual gameplay occurs), there is too much on screen. Too many things to look at, to worry about. That's fine if we're late into the game, after a couple of levels. But this is right in the beginning, making the player feel overwhelmed with their experience.

The aiming/shooting system isn't really something I enjoyed, although it can be more of a preference than a flaw, really. 

All in all, a nice game that has still a ways to go!


Interesting use of the user interface! It took me some time to grasp the aiming system, but despite that it's a well polished game.

Muy bueno el juego ;)


Funny shoot 'em up game! Nice sprites and colors. After a few tries i was able to beat the default highscore :) ( no need to delete this game - you wrote something about in your game page, i think the game exe is fine, was even running fine using wine for me )

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice shmup, gfx and sfx! There was a part where I couldn't move! I wonder if it's a bug or a debuf. Either way, well done! Oh yeah the aim system is very interesting, really changes the flow of the game, 1+ star for you!

PS: Feel free to try my game out! Cheers!


The aiming system was interesting, had both positives and negatives to the expected linear, forward shooting.  Good sound work.  Visual effects on bullet destruction would really help sell the impact of shots (both friendly and hostile).


Pretty fun little game. To me the little pluses look like collectables that would maybe give me health back, but I think they actually did the opposite, which was confusing for me. Personally I wasn't a massive fan of how the aiming worked, but aside from that I enjoyed myself.


That was fun to play!

However, it was hard keeping track of what is what, with the stars and the missiles being hard to distinguish. And in my opinion, more of the screen could have been used for the actual gameplay