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Favourites from the Jam?

A topic by Random-StoryKeeper created Oct 17, 2016 Views: 181
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So the results are in, and I had a lot of fun playing the entries and overall participating in my third game jam by contributing music. My team tried to get through as many entries as we could, but only ended up playing and rating just over 60 games collectively. I did have some favourites from the pool.

If I had to rank a top 5 right now, it would be something like:

  1. I am not a kid - It worked for me as a complete game, even though it only had one level. Maybe just me, but I'm a sucker for games that have these sorts of platforming challenges.
  2. Bob & Dob - I loved the relaxing atmosphere and the upgrade system was neat, the graphics were cute, the music was REALLY GOOD (smh so jealous), albeit the game overall was incomplete.
  3. Le Gatuno - This was simplicity executed fine. I also really liked the music and sound effects.
  4. A Mission for Brena - I'm probably in the minority here, but despite the issues I had with this game, I found myself thinking back to it like, "That was a fun experience. I really liked what I played." Kind of hard to explain past that, but I thought the boss was quite fun, the upgrades, once you get them, add a great pace.
  5. Dankest Dungeon - I think, out of all the Halloween related entries, this one got my attention the most. I love the mechanics and the levels, while short, were well designed.
I might round this out to a top 10+ or something when I have more time. But since there were so many games, I tried to go for the ones with lesser ratings during judging for the most part. What are some of your favourite entries and why?