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Global Defense Corps - I made a timelapse of the pixelart...

A topic by Sean Noonan created Oct 11, 2016 Views: 223 Replies: 4
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Our entry was Global Defense Corps - we were only able to work on it for 3 days so it's pretty small, but I did get to timelapse some of my pixel art. Enjoy.


That's pretty cool. It's always nice to see how others work. What's the app you're using to create the sprites? Looks a bit like photoshop, but more streamlined?

I took someone elses advice in the early posts and used Aseprite, which I was ultimately happy with, but was lacking a few features that would have helped immensely, such as a copy/paste selection (if there was one, I probably missed it as it was my first time using it).


For this jam I used a mix of Pyxel Edit and Photoshop CSS.

I've actually used Asesprite for some previous game jams, but I always come back to Photoshop, and recently have started using Pyxel Edit for animation.


Thank you! I'll take a look at Pyxel Edit. Seems pretty nifty for larger-scale things.


Pyxel Edit is great for animation, but I still use Photoshop for mockups and anything that isn't just single assets.