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A topic by elGabe created Oct 07, 2016 Views: 169 Replies: 3
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Hey! I submitted the first version of my game today, and I would really appreciate if anyone could take a few minutes to play it and give me feedback. Don't hold back, tell me what you think!

Tha link:


Nicely done! It's simple, it works. Controls are smooth. Main menu didn't seem to navigate, but I'm assuming this may be something that still must be added later?


Thank you! I'll look into it. A main menu not working properly is a big probem :)


Wow that was crazy! I started, thinking "OK I'll figure this out, dodge discs no problem..." and then "Ahhh~" as I frantically dodge just the initial 2! then a third one?!? I got killed just before the 4th disc spawned. Good stuff.