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Pixel Art Fonts!

A topic by Hawken @ Dadako created Oct 03, 2016 Views: 415 Replies: 6
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Feel free to use this thread to list any pixel art fonts you may have found that can be used for the Jam.

* Unity Specific *

You may have noticed that Unity's normal dynamic fonts get all blurry, even pixel art ones.

I have an asset for Unity that fixes this, by offering a bunch of pixel art fonts. They support fancy things like outlines and colouring in Unity canvas.

I've used them in a variety of pixel art games including my own GBJAM entry from last year (pirate pop), they are also in some other commercial games ;)

I'm going to work on getting these on to itch.io but for the meantime they are here on the asset store:


For a very limited time (duration of the Jam) I am offering these for FREE!

OK these are switched over to free now, feel free to use in your projects :)

If they were created last year, are they valid for the jam? I thought assets have to be created during the jam.

I think fonts are pretty much OK, by that logic you'd need to create a game engine in a week too...

I mean, it says 'assets'. Engine isn't an asset, but fonts kinda are? I mean, they are pretty much graphics? Idk.

Not that it matters, since I think every single person in this jam so far uses old fonts anyway, so i guess fonts are in the 'spirit of the jam' and okay.


Hey, these fonts are pretty cool!

I had to set font size to 300pt and then downscale them in order to prevent the blurry effect.

I'm probably updating my game to use yours. Thank you!

cheers! (yeah, the current solution in Unity is not the best, it's why I made this pack)