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Challenge Accepted!

A topic by Ultimate Seraph created Sep 30, 2016 Views: 445 Replies: 10
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This is my first time in participating on a game jam! I'm getting excited. Though I'm a bit worried about the 10 days duration as I will be working solo. Hahaha! I hope I can make a good game.


I'm excited too! So far I've only made a couple things and followed some tutorials for GameMaker Studio. Hoping I can get at least something to show here. Even if it doesn't work out, we can always look back at it next year and do better! (are these yearly?)


I think so! This is my first time trying to do a game jam totally solo, myself. I'm sure we'll all kick butt!

Not me, I'm new to gamedev. and jam, I'm sure I'll cook up like the worst thing ever :)

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Concerned about having "only" 10 days?

For comparison, the main Ludum Dare category only gives you 2.

10 is plenty, especially if you're using a game making tool.

First jam for me to 馃榾 have a game idea but have no idea how to make the graphics :)

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Cool to see a lot of first-timers, myself included. I'm still working on my first game, but just saw info about the jam couple of days ago and figured out that it's worth a try even if a game I make for this will suck big time.

About the 10 days limit, I agree that's quite a lot of time compared to some other jams, but it's also worth keeping in mind that people go to work/school/whatever so like for me it's effectively going to be a lot less time, in terms of hours spent on the project it's closer to like a 2 day jam. And I guess that if you've never done it before the time constraints can be intimidating.

Let's all just have some fun.


I work weekends, so I'm glad that the schedule is different for this jam. I'm hoping to take time off to participate in Ludum Dare sometime, but this will be great to start out.

I'm a student too and probably have only about 4 hours free in a day. With that, I need to make the game engine, the game logic, the game loaders and everything else from scratch since I'm planning on making it with pure coding (Python and PyGame). Currently, I'm testing some possible game engine structures at the moment and choosing from them. I'll then fine tune them when the jam starts. That's not against the rules is it? ^_^


Going in with C# and Monogame, 2D isometric scrolling Zaxxon-style game using Tiled for the levels, PS for the Art and the usual tools for sound and music. Keeping it simple...

First Jam for me too :D

Im a bit excited about making this game.

Best luck for all participants !