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Merry Christmas!

Members of the community thought that it would be fun to have a Christmas-themed jam. So I decided to put one together. The rules are simple, put together a game/demo in the week leading up to Christmas. Entries will be ranked on "Christmas Spirit," (how much they tie into the themes of the holiday), and "Fun-ness" (how much fun it is to play).

The rules are:

  • Use GB Studio(any version, even the v2 beta).
  • Use any assets you want (from the community, from the template, or ones you make yourself).
  • Stay within the confines of the engine, so don't inject your own code.
  • Share the GB Studio community as far as you can.

Let's play a bunch of homebrew Gameboy Christmas games!


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A rhythm game for the original Game Boy
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Retro Styled Hiking
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Santa is making a very special delivery this year.
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A short Christmas Gameboy Game
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Help Santa deliver presents to the neighborhood and avoid the sky robbers! Our entry to the GB Studio Christmas Jam!
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A three in one GB Studio game done for the Holiday Game Jam
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