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Didn't finish my game but had fun!

A topic by Micreps created Feb 01, 2021 Views: 70 Replies: 3
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Hey all, 

I didn't get to finish my game for this jam. I didn't really start working on it until a little over a week ago. Spent far too much time on the opening cut scene, haha. Had a lot of fun though and as with most jams learned a ton! Excited to try out the games that were submitted! 

Here is a video of how far I got:

Jam Host

Wow! That looks amazing. And nice use of a 1924 public domain song! I do hope you'll continue to make the game even if it's too late for the jam. That is really impressive.

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Thanks! I probably will continue to work on it. There are a few scenes in the story that I think could be a good challenge to try to put together.

The music will have to change I guess. I found the recording listed as public domain on some website, but I think that was referring to outside the US. US copywrite around music recordings is bonkers. Shame, I really like how it fits in there with the intro. I'll just have to try to find a suitable alternative.

Great theme for a jam by the way! I'll be looking out for the one next year!

Jam Host

The composition is definitely in the public domain, including in the US. Different recordings of it, however, may still be under copyright.  So, yes, you should look to see if you can find a recording that is confirmed as being in the public domain.  I know that, last year, once the composition went into the public domain, a few people recorded new versions to be used in the public domain, so you might be able to find a recording that has been clearly set up for such use.