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More Public Domain Literature

A topic by roomunrecalled created Jan 05, 2019 Views: 126 Replies: 3
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Hathitrust's collection, while great, is super intimidating (and annoying) to search through, and while the Duke article is also great, the selection's a little limited. I've gone through and picked out some more books and short story collections and compiled them here: I'll probably continue adding things to it for a while. I can't vouch for the quality of the works at all, though. I hope it's useful!




Nice job. Here's a link to an audio search for the year 1923. Be cautious with this because it's all self-tagged stuff, someone might have just been guessing;[]=year%3A%221923%22

Also be cautious if someone published in or from Europe instead of America  - I discovered the woodcuts on the 1923 thing I was looking at were produced in Belgium originally by an artist that didn't die until the 1970s. According to the Berne Convention I wouldn't be able to use the woodcuts until the 2040s!


Awesome. Thank you for putting it together.