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First Jam - Idealess!!

A topic by EJBranagan created Jan 07, 2018 Views: 312 Replies: 4
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Well. I decided to join this Game Jam because I need something to do with my spare time.

Only problem is I have NO clues on what to make. I'm a huge fan of narrative - adventure games but I'm an artist, not a writer.

Think about a common scenario that tends to work well in that category. Look on about story arcs to figure out how to time the pacing of the game. Just simple things like that can help you develop the story further. :^)


Try making a narrative-driven game with no text?  That sounds like it could be an interesting twist.

I got no ideas too, so I'll just try to play with some concepts I have thought before the jam haha

Because I've barely touched Unity or C# I ended up just following the Unity tutorial on making a 2D Roguelike, but I'm going to replace the art assets provided with the tutorial with my own. :0

@eevee I'd love to make a narrative driven game with no text, the concept sounds awesome, but I'm not sure how I'd code something like that.