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"3 Colors" Clarification

A topic by Anuke created May 25, 2018 Views: 184 Replies: 1
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I'm confused about the 3-colors constraint. Does this mean that...

1) The game can only use 3 colors total, throughout the whole game? or...

2) The game can only have 3 colors present at one time on the screen? For example, every level only has 3 colors, but every level has a different 3-color set? or...

3) The game can only use 3 different shades of color, like red, purple, and orange?


Dear Anuke,

Even if the constraint is not respected, your game will always be voted,
you can not use themes or constraints but it is a voting criterion ...

This means that it is the community which, by voting, defines the respect of the constraint on 5!

If you have found a way to deflect the contraint, good for you!

The constraint invites you to be creative and to add challenges