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Game Start: Game Jam+!

(Descrição em Português abaixo) 




With simultaneous participation of more than 50 cities, it is the world’s biggest Game Jam with focus in business! We are creating opportunities and challenges for everyone: do you want to make the next big indie game?


What is a Game Jam?


A Game Jam is an event in which developers gather in teams and make games from zero in the span of a few days, usually about 48 hours straight.


What’s the difference from a normal Game Jam?


There are three big changes:


- Game Jams are usually just about the making of the game. At Game Jam+, you need to go further beyond. You need to think and come up with a business and marketing plan. The objective here is to simulate what the market expects of you as a developer. If you want to someday attract investors, you gotta think about that.


- Everybody can learn, always. In Game Jam+, experienced mentors from the most diverse fields (from coding to marketing) will be making rounds throughout the 48 hours in order to help teams whenever they need.


- At Game Jam+ the journey doesn’t end at your city. Each regional will have two winning teams that will continue to develop their games, with the support of an online mentorship, until the Big Finals.

This is a four-phase event!


What do I need to participate? Do I need to have experience?


There is absolutely no need to have prior experience making games, it’s not a veteran-exclusive event. Granted you can contribute to the making of the game, you will be welcomed!

Remember we have mentors exactly to help you.


How are the victors decided?


There are two decision processes behind the winning teams, at regionals and at finals.


Regional Winners


- One team will be selected by a qualified jury, after the presentations at the event’s ending.


- One team will be "saved" by the local organizers criteria, which will take place in the following month.


Honorable Mentions:


- Some teams will be awarded in categories, such as Game Design, Sound Design, Art, Narrative, among others.


Ok, it’s a competition. What is in for me?


Regional winners will be awarded according to each Jam Site organization. The only prize at regionals is the guarantee of a spot for the two teams at Finals*.


The international winners’ prizes vary and we are adding to them consistently, to be announced soon!


*Transit and stay costs for finals are not Global Organization responsibility. Consult your local organizer if the costs will be covered or not.


The Global Organization is responsible for the production and execution of the Finals and for the awarding of the international victors.

The local organizations are responsible for the production and execution of the regional events.


100% of the sales from tickets will be used in assisting the finalists with travel costs, in cities where the local organizations could not obtain regional sponsorship.


Do I need to be in a team already?


It is not mandatory to already be in a team. We will do icebreaking and activities at the beginning of the event to make sure everyone is in a team, so there is no risk of being left out. But if you already have friends who will participate and want to go with a formed team, that’s ok as well!


Come take part in this big event that is determined to change the indie game world!



Começa agora a jornada Game Jam+!
Com a participação simultânea de mais de 50 cidades, já é a maior Game Jam com foco em negócios do Mundo! Estamos criando oportunidades e desafios para todos vocês: quer criar o próximo grande jogo indie?

O que é uma Game Jam?
Game Jam é um evento onde desenvolvedores formam equipes e criam jogos do 0, em tempos variados, sendo normalmente por volta de 48h ininterruptas.
Qual a diferença para uma Game Jam normal?

Os vencedores regionais receberão prêmios que irão variar de acordo com a regional. O único prêmio entre regionais é a garantia da vaga para dois finalistas participarem na etapa final.*


Os prêmios dos vencedores nacionais são diversos, e estamos aumentando-os a cada momento, serão anunciados em breve!


*Os custos de passagem, estadia e locomoção para a final não são de responsabilidade da organização. Certifique-se com o organizador local se os custos estarão cobertos ou não.


A organização nacional se responsabiliza pela produção e execução do evento da final e pela premiação dos vencedores nacionais.

As organizações regionais se responsabilizam pela produção e execução do evento regional.


100% da receita dos ingressos são revertidos para ajudar os finalistas com os custos da ida a final, nas cidades onde a organização local não conseguir patrocínio local.