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Submissions with the least ratings

This list excludes entries you've already rated and those without any files

aGRI[D]cola xDryan1618
SpleefDemake2D Arnkil1612
Hero Grid Play in browserDoug1716
Crazy Monsters Jaycota1718
MotCroisé AirWaylander1816
Sneaky Snake Kyou311826
Demineur Play in browserdanvaran1810
SIEGE Guizmo_171811
Bubbles & Bug BSY1823
GridJam01 Noctis3811811
Reversi faboulet1815
Memory-GameJam Frotaro1827
Androïdes 2020 333fps1827
GrilleD Nekyia1926
Memorise The Grid EnderPearl_MC1927
Puissance 4 Darioo21919
GAMECODEUR Game Jam #24 6AshenOne91920
GridDrawer Play in browsermaxNCoder1910
Power4 ZoniStark2012
The Grid nicolas9812028
Touché-Coulé OwlEye2029
JAMOTHELLO Nighthollow2027
PuckLlady Play in browserheliuse2126
Gold Digger Asthegor2146
Puissance 4 craway2113
Insects vs Barbecue Tri32128
Garam Mainc2131
Connect Color (JCEngine) Syllius2128
Barre-toi Play in browserdoum2216
Grid Wars (Advance Wars Prototype) JaDonaGames2240
Library of Babel Shivur2549
Sudoku Quest Play in browserlythande, D4f Games2629
Disc Jam Shaman772627
Need-for-miles-Puzzle Back2TheCode2695
Battle for Extranite Raphytator2725
Dungeon survivor RYC20262819
Interception Point Cptconi3027
Grid Dungeon Play in browsermegalphax3131
StarGrid Lysenti3159
THE GRID Project - Multi Games : MahJong & Casse Brique Crypto Logiq, MasK3552
GridCrawler Wile4367