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Wow! Still some good games with less than 5 ratings!

A topic by Bastian Top created Dec 17, 2020 Views: 51
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Hey all! I did one more session playing 10 games! Some of them were hardly rated! Be so kind to check them out and also rate.

In case you wanne see my reaction, please find the video below with timestamps!

00:00 Game Off 2020 Submission Review#11
00:20 Secret Moon Station ( <--- Cool mechanics! Give it a try! 
18:50 Moonshot ( <--- Just Nice!!
29:00 Moon War Z ( <--- Too tough! But Cool!
41:00 Lunar Launcher ( <--- Really underrated! Nice game!
50:00 Edmon Taige Journey ( <-- If you wanne get stuck on walls! This is the place!
57:00 Lunar League ( <--- You have to make a google account to play this! XD
1:00:40 Moonshot ( <--- Nice background and graphics!
1:09:50 Bloodmoon ( <--- Dayum! Rollercoaster sensitivity on my mouse!!
1:20:00 Apart ( <--- Very nicely done!
1:26:20 A Mail to the Moon ( <--- The content of the mail was limited! But cool game!

Cheers Guys!