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This Metroidvania game seems to have been overlooked!

A topic by Bastian Top created Dec 16, 2020 Views: 51
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Hey all I am doing some more video review sessions and I just stumbled on Novaterra and it is a pretty cool Metroidvania game! I also checked several other games and like In the dark and Quiet a lot. Check out the reviews below!

00:00 Game Off 2020 Submission Review#10
00:50 Moonshot Plan (
07:20 Save Earth (
16:20 Moon Witches ( <-- Very nicely done! :D
34:15 In the dark and Quiet ( <-- If you like story based games this is great! It is way underrated! Also please play it as it is not really a game which you can make a video review about haha
40:00 MMOonshot (
47:40 Novaterra ( Cool Game!!
57:46 Moonsanity (
1:02:30 Cheeseshot (
1:05:09 MOONSHOT (