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Bug fix/Update game after deadline

A topic by GuiBDBello created Dec 01, 2019 Views: 342 Replies: 10
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I was messing around with my game some minutes before the deadline finished. Then, I build it and uploaded it. After the deadline is over, I noticed that the last build had some bugs that could mess the gameplay. Can I fix the bug and update my game?

Jam Host(+1)

Hi! If it seriously affects the gameplay or is completely broken, I think you're OK to upload a previous build to remove those bugs that were introduced. I'd recommend just making a note of this on your entry page.


Nice, thanks!


Hmm... on the similar topic, I wonder how developing game after the submission is supposed to work. I did cut out some ideas I had due to time constrains, but I know I could implement them soon. Should I wait for the jam to end, or how the handling of the submissions is taken care of?

(I'm also pretty sure there's a bug in the game at the end, but it's neither groundbreaking, nor apparent. Mostly one thing not working exactly not as intended, but still functioning.)


I was wondering the same thing myself. Actually, that shouldn't be a problem, because anyone can go back to the commits if they want to.

But I'd rather wait until there's an official comment about it :)


Yeah also interested about this. Our level designer got sick right as we were supposed to start making levels so out game is ridiculously short. That's that for the gamejam but what if I decided to add to it?

Jam Host(+5)

Hi there - it's fine to update your games in the GitHub repository (the code's not being judged), but please wait until after the judging period ends before you push any changes to the page.



Thanks. That's very helpful. Will do like that.


@Lee sorry to keep asking same variations of the same question.  I am coding up a bug fix (player freezes when mashing multiple buttons at once) and the ability for players to navigate the UI with keyboards (essentially to allow people who dont have a mouse to play).  Is that ok to update the game jam entry?  Or do you think I should just wait / that would be unfair?  It is hard to sit by and do nothing but I understand that deadlines are deadlines haha!

Jam Host(+1)

Hi - I'd recommend adding a note describing the bug / how to avoid it on the game page. Perhaps you can point to a more recent build where those bugs aren't present in the GitHub repository?

I'll make a note to add some clearer guidance/documentation around post-game changes next year :)


okey doke! Sounds good