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BAD VIBES game jam post-mortem: shooters without guns, free art isn't free, and the problem with voting

A topic by pfail created Dec 23, 2017 Views: 241 Replies: 1
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Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a killer time with this game jam, and got some really good feedback on your work. I'm pretty pleased with the results myself, and I just want to shout out a massive congratulations to all the top voted games. I think everyone is extremely deserving of the praise and attention. I feel extremely lucky to have been included in GitHub's Staff Picks for this year.

With all the voting and what-not behind us, I decided to take some time to write down my thoughts about the experience. I focus mostly on the creation of my game, but I also offer some thoughts on the game jam itself. I cover a bit of ground in this post, so it may take a little time to read. But if you're interested in the development process and why I think should change how game jam voting works, it just might be worth a look. :)

Thanks, everyone. Can't wait to see what awesome stuff we make next year.


Hey! I think this is a great idea. In fact, my gamedev partner and I did a sort of postmortem/review/discussion in podcast form. This is our first ever podcast, but I think it was fairly interesting, and I tried to make sure the audio quality was half decent. Let me know if you find it helpful/interesting or if you have any other feedback to share.