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A jam entry

Rogue ProgramView game page »

Submitted by Slashware Interactive (@slashie_) with 1 day, 6 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 15 people so far
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I liked how you ma tutorial.

At beginning it as fuzzy, but after some time playing I could realise what to do.

Great job! =D

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First thought, "WTF?!" Looks cool, seems to be right on theme, but did not know what to do, so I gave up.

Absolutely love this game and would love to see it expanded even more. Super fly and original. I feel I need to go to Goodwill and get an old CRT monitor to get the full experience of immersion.


This is an extremely clever take on roguelikes, and well worth the time needed to understand the mechanics and story. I'll be diving back in to try to finish this very soon.