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GAMEJAMuary's Spicy Introduction Thread!

A topic by VillageBear created Dec 31, 2017 Views: 207 Replies: 5
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This thread is for everyone to write a little about what they intend to create, game engine choice and if you're looking for a team or not! 
Hopefully this'll help people out looking for teammates, interesting topics, and help with their game engine of choice.
I'll off with me!

(Team) Name: 
Twitch URL(s): 
Looking for a team?: 

Game Engine:


Short Description: 


(Team) Name:
Peanut Butter Burrnination
Twitch URL(s):
Looking for a team?: nope

Game Engine: GameMaker

Genre: N/A

Short Description:  No idea what!  I just wanted to start off the thread.  I will come back and edit once I decide on a genre/type of game.

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Name: Atomic Development

Twitch URL:

Looking for a team:? No

Game Language: OpenGL C++

Genre: Simulation FPS

Short Description: Become a Professional Arsonist™ and ethically kill planets! Bring your Flamethrwr™© Ammo and work for Pyro Inc!

Name:  Drop Dead Games

Twitch URL(s):

Looking for a team?:  No

Game Engine: Unity3d

Genre: Platform Shooter

Short Description: You are a fire fighter.  There has been a recent outbreak of rain storms on your island; it is your job to fight them off and restore order to the once fiery land.

A Fire eating Cherries in a fire storm



Genre: What ever it ends up being

Description: tbh i'm not sure what i'm making myself


(Team) Name:  Not a Good Idea
Twitch URL(s):
Looking for a team?:  sure! but it's not in your best interest to join. I'm a bit crazy 👀

Game Engine: Solely GLSL and/or p5.js + super sercret sauce

Genre: No idea yet

Short Description: Not sure yet! I'm taking this game jam w/ a more experimental approach. Will be focusing more on learning and trying out crazy stuff than on finishing a game.

(Team) Name:  Team Beggle

Twitch URL(s):

Looking for a team?:  Not Really

Game Engine:  Unity

Genre:  Story based puzzle exploration game thingy magic

Short Description: It ll be a story based game with couple levels of puzzles where Fire always Works and it ll be in a cave where there is a monster aswell and progressing thru the puzzles you will find out what the monster really is. Starring: Sky as Hannah B. , Eny as Monster. Soon in your PCs.