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Welcome to the second Monthly Game Jam Trideathlon!

You have one month to make the game with the best design, gameplay, and execution of the themes!

Important Rules

  1.  Anybody can enter, alone or in teams.
  2. Any software can be used to make your game, but it must run either in the browser or on Windows without any extra software. Nothing physical, or only on Mac, etc.
  3.  Any assets can be used, as long as you either create them during the jam or get them from a place accessible for free.
  4.  Anyone can judge the games, so even if you can't create a game, you can contribute in this way.
  5.  No NSFW games! No nudity, swearing, etc.
  6.  Have fun! We can tell whether or not you have fun. If you don't, your game will be immediately removed! :)


One of the special qualities of the Trideathlon is the usage of three different themes. How are these themes picked, you ask? A bunch of ideas are randomly thought up, and three of the hardest ones to combine are chosen. This is why two of the judging criteria are Execution of the Themes and Amount of Themes. They have been announced! The themes are:

• Death

• Speed


Feel free to interpret these however you want!

Judging Criteria

  1.  Execution of the Theme(s): How well did the creator(s) fuse the themes? Is it a poorly strewn-together mess of ideas, or so expertly crafted that it's like there was a single theme.
  2.  Amount of Themes: Did they use one theme, two themes, or three themes?  Or maybe more like 1.5 themes? It's your vote!
  3.  Design: Do the graphics and audio seamlessly combine with everything else to form a complete, nice-looking game?
  4.  Innovation: Have you seen the idea a million times? Or is there a new, groundbreaking game mechanic that could make a whole new genre of video games?
  5.  Graphics: How nice does the game look? Does it look like a five year old's crayon drawing (assuming it's not supposed to look like one) or is the creator Pablo Picasso II?
  6.  Audio: Is the game an hour of the worst sounds on earth? Or is it a melodious cascade of sounds that soothe and calm your ears?
  7.  Fun: The most important of all! Is the game full of fake difficulty and too many trial-and-error-like parts? Or does it balance the challenge with a story and mechanics that make you play for hours?
  8. Theme Interpretation Originality: Let’s say the one of the themes is light. You get a few points for basing your game on the energy emitted by photons. You get more points if your game is based on not being heavy. You get a whole lot of points for basing your game on low-sugar (light) soda. You get the most points for mixing any or all of these.
  9.  Judge's Rating: After you guys vote, I'll play some of the highest-rated games, and leave my feedback.
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it is a new model of fruit catch