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Welcome to our very own Game Jam competition at PAX Online 2020! 

I’m sure you’ve cleared your schedule for the next nine days for PAX Online, so why not clear it up even more with a Game Jam! 

Create a team or go solo, it’s all up to you. Make sure you have an account and follow the link to join the jam.  We’ll start the Jam on Sunday 13 September at 3.30pm AEST - set yourself a reminder because you don’t want to miss the chance on winning $750 AUD and there's also $150 AUD  up for highly commendable submission!

All entries will be judged by our gaming academics from Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia and Media Design School in New Zealand.

Judging will be based on execution and theme. These criteria are left vague to hopefully give you, the designer, an opportunity to design openly and creatively.

The game jam ends on Wednesday 16 September, 11.59pm AEST. Judges will review and announce the winner on Monday 21 September, 11am AEST on 


  • Lockdown


  • No nudity, racism, hate speech, or excessive violence.
  • All aspects must be made using the game jam, and assets must be properly licensed (public domain, self-created).
  • Games must be centered around the theme, submissions that do not meet the theme will not be considered.
  • This Game Jam is only are open to Australian and New Zealand residents.


  • Sunday 13 September at 3.30pm AEST: Our first meet up on our Twitch Channel where we reveal the theme.
  • Monday 21 September, 11am AEST: Meet our judges as they review the submissions and announce the Game Jam winner on our Twitch Channel 


You can find all information in this brief also on our discord, as well as a FAQ and a channel to ask questions and get responses in real-time. We strongly recommend you download and use Discord if you don’t already. We will be conducting interviews from it and it is a great tool to collaborate with your team.

The link to our Discord is:

What to see more of our events at PAX, learn more here!

It's time, lets start designing!


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A puzzle game about saving chickens by barking at them.
Play in browser
You're in the middle of deep space, may as well explore!
You trapped yourself in your AI's testing grounds, escape the facility!
It is a lovely day and you are a very hungry raccoon.
You're sick of being in lockdown. Escape the city.
During lock-down, the rules change frequently and the chance of infection increases daily.
Entry for the PAX #TUAGameJam