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In this task, you are asked to make a game in a short time that meets the minimum requirements consisting of 7 mandatory features and three pieces of criteria (diversifier). Essential functions are part of the formal elements that must be present in the game. While diversifiers are additional criteria that must be worked on during the game development process and can be reflected in the results when the game is played, you must implement all mandatory features and diversifier combinations that you choose in the developed game.

At the beginning of the work, you must compile a combination consisting of three unique diversifiers that have not been selected by other participants, then make a simple game that meets and is relevant to the diversifier combination. The game is done in a short time, which is for one week, to practice the ability of rapid prototyping and creative thinking with predetermined constraints, and evaluate the technical skills of using game development tools.

Games must be developed using the Godot game engine and may reuse code samples from working on Godot tutorials during lectures. Clean code is not very desirable because of the short duration of work and the very dynamic nature of rapid prototyping. Make sure the results of the work (source code, assets, and documentation) are stored in a private GitLab repository and opened publicly. Assets such as images, sound, and music may be independently developed or taken from outside sources provided they comply with the license rules for the use of these assets (for example, assets used are in the public domain or licensed using Creative Commons). The teaching team is not responsible if college participants are known and required to go through legal proceedings because it violates the copyright of the assets used.

You may (even be advised) to make a game that is different from the theme of the class group project. Please focus on the combination of diversifiers you have chosen and be as creative as possible.


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Komponen : Get In The Robot, Power of Sound and GAS GAS GAS
Wiji Alien
Running from enemy robot to the next level, input keyboard just use W,A,D.
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