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The Game Jam Monthly are regular Game Jams organized by Game Dev McGill.

Students are tasked with creating a playable prototype based on a theme in a month.

All participating games are showcased at the end of the month at our regular meet-ups.

Start: October 10th

End: November 13th

This month's theme is: Two Buttons 

The rules are as follows:

-Produce a playable prototype of a game based on a theme.

-Teams must be primarily composed of McGill students.

-All games will be showcased at the Game Dev Social, held on (13/11/2017) in the EUS Common Room

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A 3D two button racing game with four player splitscreen
This was literally created in one day, so go easy on me.
30s text adventure
A top down survival and ecological simulation game.
Two-button text game
Table slam sake bomb simulator. Play in browser at:
Avoid enemies while you chase after an evil raccoon in order to get your hat back!
Beat the other player and survive!
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