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Make a game in 3 hours! Read RULES for more.

Theme: Eye For An Eye

You have something, you want something. Maybe if you gave something you would get something. But was the trade worth it?

Make a game where you have some form of trading mechanic. Trade speed for strength, trade health for damage, trade gold for goods; just so long as you give and take you've got a FNGJ game.

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  1. This is a Solo jam, Teams are not allowed.
  2. You have 3 hours to make your game, they do not have to be consecutive but they must encompass all of your development on the project.
    Planning time, Project Setup Time, and Importing Assets prior to development do not count towards this time but as soon as you do any development yourself time starts.
    Play testing, Exporting, and Uploading also do not count towards your clock.
  3. You may use any assets you have legal access to that do not circumvent the theme restriction
  4. No NSFW or bigoted content or actions. No Harassing members.
  5. Winners will be displayed in the Amazing Spectacular FNGJ Hall of Fame
  6. No Spamming or plagiarizing of content.

Amazing Spectacular FNGJ Hall of Fame

Week                   Ambition                                                                Enjoyment                                                                Polish                                                                         
38 Mikkok Danial Jumagaliyev The Green Worm
37 Nuvares billy billy
36 Nuvares Danial Jumagaliyev Danial Jumagaliyev
35 NyuuHaffu jul2040 Azusa


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A bard was told of a rumor and that put them in a sticky situation.
Role Playing
Samson's hair was the source of his strength, how will he push boxes now?!
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A fierce battle between Robox and some space trash that is coming your way!
Made in 3 hours for Friday Night Game Jam
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Shoot your eye out!
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A small stock market game made in 3 hours for FNGJ
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a game made for friday night jam by me in three hours
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