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Welcome to the Fluxfall Jam!

Fluxfall Horizon is a fast and light RPG that thrusts “lancers” from the future into countless parallel worlds. The core rules are based on the Apocalypse Engine and geared towards one-shot or short-campaign play. 

Since the game only has five core stats, 11 “Moves” and 10 playable Types, it is ripe for easy play, tweaking and hacking. This jam is aimed at handing the game over to you to see where you can take it!

Download the free Fluxfall Horizon Quickstart!

Here are some areas where you can get started:

  • Types and Factions: The 10 playsheets cover the 10 “Types” that a player can choose from, and they span five different Factions. There are plenty of new possibilities for Types and Factions within the setting.
  • Moves: The core rules for Fluxfall keep it tight with just 8 “diagetic” moves and 3 metagame moves. But the sky is the limit on changing the feel of gameplay with new or modified moves.
  • Quantum Powers: Lancers can unlock 18 powers as they become more and more disentangled from the Continuum. These are meant to give players a sense of power and the ability to synthesize crazy situations as their character spirals towards sci-fi oblivion. But there are so many more powers you could probably come up with.
  • Home Earth: The game’s artwork and base setting starts lancers off in the 24th century (AD 2390) and lancing to Earths in that time period. Of course, once they lance, the Earth can resemble any period in history. But the home Earth is still important since it frames the lancers’ point of reference for everything they see and interact with. They’re used to living in a utopian future. But what if their home Earth were another time?
  • Scenarios: The core game comes with a few scenarios that follow a general template containing tables and NPCs for GMs to use to generate their own specific details. There is no limit to the number of situation sandboxes you could generate.
  • Alternate Earths: Similar to scenarios, alternate Earths in the core game present a more generalized sandbox of rollable tables that detail a world dominated by a single theme or culture. Come up with one based on your favorite culture, or even some media that you are intimately familiar with!

Resources & Contact
  • Here is the link to the official Kickstarter page that describes the game in full, as well as a link at the top of the page to late pledges (if you’re seeing this soon enough)
  • Fonts: Fluxfall Horizon uses Open Sans for its main text, and Venera for headings. Alternatively you can use Huntington for headings.
  • Discord: You can join the Thaumavore Discord server, where Fluxfall is one of the main areas of discussion. We’d love to have you!
  • Please let me know what other resources would be useful to you and I'll see what I can provide!
Playtest Feedback
Any feedback you have about the game is welcome.
  • Here is the Feedback Form
  • You can email me directly:
  • If you stream or record an actual play of Fluxfall Horizon, please let me know so that I can promote your channel/podcast on my YouTube channel and elsewhere!

Couple of Notes

Don’t be a jerk: This jam does NOT support or tolerate anything racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist or bigoted in any way. Please be empathetic to your fellow humans!

Please don’t use copyrighted artwork: We ask that you don’t use artwork from the Fluxfall Horizon game, or copy-paste any of the text. By extension, avoid using copyrighted material of any kind without the proper licensing or permission (get it in writing!). Really good news: Since this is a parallel Earths adventure game where anything could happen, there are all kinds of opportunities to use royalty free and public domain artwork. Here are some links to just a few places where you can grab public domain artwork:


Fluxfall Horizon Third Party License

This license allows anyone to publish materials for Fluxfall Horizon, either for free or for sale, without any fees, royalties or other payments to be made to Dave Thaumavore. Here are the terms:


  • Adhering to these terms allows you to publish free or commercial material based upon or compatible with Fluxfall Horizon without express permission from Dave Thaumavore.
  • ART and TEXT from first-party Fluxfall Horizon books and materials MAY NOT be reused or translated, unless you have our written permission. 
  • You MAY use the names of Types, Factions, Threats and Gear from the game world. You may use the mechanics and rules of Fluxfall Horizon however you wish.


  • You may not directly or indirectly create the impression that your product is an official Fluxfall Horizon product endorsed or sponsored by Dave Thaumavore unless that is, in  fact, the case.
  • Your product CANNOT use the Dave Thaumavore logo or the regular Fluxfall Horizon logo without written permission:


  • You ARE allowed and encouraged to use the Fluxfall Compatible logo (right-click to download):


  • Dave Thaumavore takes no responsibility for any legal claims against your product. Any legal disputes, controversies or claims related to this license shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States and be settled by a U.S. court.


  • The following text must be included in the legal text, somewhere visible in the publication, and on the website or storefront where you promote the product:
[Product name] is an independent production by [Author or Publisher] and is not affiliated with Dave Thaumavore. It is published under the Fluxfall Horizon Third Party License. Fluxfall Horizon is copyright Dave Thaumavore.


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