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I can't participate, although I would have loved to ;-;

A topic by XenoRocket created Jul 20, 2018 Views: 123 Replies: 4
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Hey hi hello, this dude here.

I was working on my proc-gen small world jam entry when I realized that no matter how much I try to squeeze that game, it comes out in 1.85 mb. Bummer. So, can I just submit it but say it's not valid so nobody rates it? And if I can, may I then release a post jam update where i don't try to make it as small as possible?

Heyo, thanks in advance,



I'm sorry, but 1.44MB- only. You can post the game separately and reply with the link- I'd love to see it! <3


Ok, cool! I'll send a link whenever I have something done!

It does have something to do with floppy discs though ;)


what were you using?

Gamemaker Studio 2. Even a blank executable was more than 1.44 mb ;-;

but eh. i probably wouldn't have finished it by the time the jam ended.