Submissions open from 2020-06-13 14:00:00 to 2020-06-25 19:00:00
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Welcome to the first ever collab jam a jam not about making tons of art and sounds assets but combining what you and others create into your game. Basically you are only allowed to create up to 3 art and sound assets for a total of 6 assets you created. The rest must be obtained from other participants in the jam. This is not a challenge of if you can create a game in a week but a challenge of can you utilize others works into your project.

Theme: TBD


  • You may use any game engine or environment you wish as long as the game can be published to in either browser or download play.
  • You are only allowed to create up to 3 art and sound assets for a total of 6 assets you create.  You can use as many of others creations as you want.
  • No NSFW games
  • Assets others created belong to them if you wish to take what you made in the jam further and publish it you must get permission from the original authors to do so.
  • You can not use assets from the internet all assets must be made by you or other participants in the jam.
  • Teams of up to 3 only.


Q: What is an art asset?

A: An art asset is any file that represents objects in your game, this can be a sprite sheet for a character, a whole tile map for a world, a texture atlas, a 3d model the list go on.

Q: What is a sound asset?

A: Same as an art asset, some examples might be a track for the background music in the game, a damage effect sound, a click sound when you click a button and so on.

Q: How will we share assets?

A: I am planning on setting up a discord server in the coming week and we will use that. However if someone has a better suggestion this may change.

Q: Can we exchange coding assets such as scripts?

A: No, since scripts are arbitrary per environment participants use this is not an effective use of your 3 slots.

Q: If I am in a team of 3 people can we each create 3 art and sound assets?

A: Yes each person your team can create 3 art and sounds assets making for a total of 18 assets created by your team

Q: Do I have to use others assets?

A: No, but it is encouraged since this jam is about collaboration. If you can make a whole game with only 3 art and sound assets that is.

Q: Can I modify others assets?

A: No, but you can use the inspiration from what someone else made to create an asset yourself from scratch.

This is my first ever time hosting a game jam so if there are somethings you don't like I am more than willing to change the rules if enough people agree with you. I am looking forward to this, good luck everyone!