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Reverse tower defense game made for the 2022 fireside game jam.
Submitted by Mrtubagames (@mrtubagames), Toast Studio — 4 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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  • I'll start off by saying all the music, art, and sfx in the game are really solid, but the rest kind of falls apart in the gameplay. There's a big problem with player feedback. The fact that when you shoot something nothing happens whether you're damaging it or not is very confusing. Blockades in the road have a ton of health but do die if you hit them enough, and I'm assuming enemies can't die but it's tough to tell because the feedback is identical. There's also a real balancing issue. Everything has entirely too much health including you, making it so you can pretty much just slowly sit there and take damage while you tick away a boss's health. This game definitely needs balancing and also a little extra content like powerups or collectibles to get so the only objective isn't to just beeline to the boss every level. Overall, I think with just a little tweaking and some content added, this could be a really great game.
  • Everything has a lot of HP and there is no feedback on hit, no sound effect or visual impact effect so it was very hard to tell what you can and cannot destroy, since you need several shots to destroy something, so you can't really tell if you are wasting your time because they can't be killed or if you are doing the right thing. I spent most of the first level running around the level wondering what I'm supposed to do since I could not destroy the turrets and the thing at the end I'm supposed to destroy don't change art until several shots have hit. I finished the game, but I think it has pacing issues, the levels are relatively short and the final thingy to destroy has a lot of HP so you spend most of your time shooting at the final thing, but the best part was going through the towers imo. I also don't really see the theme, I get that it's an inverted Tower Defense, so a tower defense would work and it's kind of... the opposite of the theme ?

Did you work alone, or as part of a group? (If in a group, list their names)
In a group, with Toast Studio

Disclose if you used any public domain assets or not.
The font and music are public domain. Links are on the game page.

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I pretty much agree with what everyone is saying. Overall, decent game, could use some work.


Have to agree with everyone's comments about feedback, and I'll add that everything having a ton of hp didn't help. That said, this is a nice-looking jam game, and the tank movement is a sweet bit of juice


Graphics was good, I think a bit of feedback to the player that you are damaging something would be good. Maybe health bars for the base and enemies. Before I noticed the base sprite get more damaged I wasn't even sure I was doing anything when shooting it.

Really interesting take on the theme. Good job!


Thanks for the feedback! You actually can't kill the towers.


Sorry meant base and the objects in your path that you can destroy. I really do think this is a great idea. You should further develop it post jam. Really dig the idea of a tower defence bullet hell that you navigate to get to the base to destroy it. Something I would want to play more of.


I think my button mashing broke the game :D Honestly just needs a bit more feedback for the player. I wasn't too sure what I was shooting was the base at first. When I saw your screencaps on Dis I thought maybe it was going to be like a maze, which might be an interesting route to go down (pun intended). You could look into procedurally generating the maps! 


Very cute! I didn't actually know what I was supposed to be doing for the first few seconds since hitting the thing didn't really didn't indicate that anything was happening, but I just pushed through and managed to clear the game

it was quite easy though since you're so tanky but it was still quite a fun bullet hell experience