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To celebrate the launch of The Fight Card System design guide/srd, and the launch of Transgender Deathmatch Legend, we're hosting a game jam.

You could make supplements for Transgender Deathmatch Legend, your own Fight Card Game, or something else using The Fight Card System.

Fight Card Games are tabletop roleplaying fighting games where one character fights their way across a map. Combat is resolved in a trick taking game. One player, the Protagonist, controls the lead character while the other plays every other character, narrates details of the world, and plays any opponent in combat. They are called the Facilitator.

The design guide/srd features the basic rules, commentary on design choices we made, thoughts on modifications or other applications of the system, and the third party license for Transgender Deathmatch Legend.

If you make your own Fight Card Game we require you include the following text. There are also (optional but encouraged) logos for the system.

This game uses The Fight Card System, created by The Dice of Rat Wave Game House. This game is not affiliated with Rat Wave Game House.

I encourage you to put a price on any entries, if you feel comfortable doing so, and if you do we'd encourage you to add Community Copies, for those in need.

If you want a space to discuss your work in progress you can join the Rat Wave Game House discord. If you submit an entry feel free to at us on Twitter (@plural_dice) about it.

Any games or content that encourages hate or bigotry have no place here and will be removed immediately. 


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A roleplaying fighting game of selves-discovery.
A hexcrawling beat-em-up for two players, using a deck of playing cards.
A solo rpg about running a wrestling promotion
A trick-taking, role-playing, bone crunching fighting game.
A procedurally generated hunt through a bitter, mysterious land