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This is the Family Game Jam, the idea is to develop a game with family members; whether that be brothers, sisters, father and son, mother and daughter even get your grand-parents,  uncles and aunts involved. 

Is your brother or sister a coder,  does your son aspire to be a games designer, your daughter a budding games artist, your mum capable of making cute sprites, your dad an aspiring games tester, your uncle an project manager or your granny capable of mixing the most awesome rockin'-out games track? Let's get them all involved! 

The goal is to turn an idea into a computer game, simulation, piece of art or whatever in 5 days and hopefully everyone learns some new skills along the way.

This game jam is a little different in that it is expected that you will provide a development log (a DevLog) in the game jam forums; this doesn't have to be long or detailed but just shows what everyone has been doing, Just a paragraph each day would be fine.

Voting will be on the following criteria:

  1. Your DevLog; does your work match the idea of a Family Game Jam?
  2. Quality of your submission; graphics, visuals, audio, style, originality etc. 
  3. Fun! The playability (and replayability) of your game. 

Tools, Coding and Assets

Please use any game engine you want or even code from scratch but your game code must be original for this jam. 
Please try out your development tools before the jam but please don't start coding your actual game until the jam starts.
You can use third party images and audio as needed but be aware these can be great things to get family members to create. 

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