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Plant flowers in a a labyrinthic garden, while attempting to circumnavigate sprout-hungry deers!
Submitted by mnilsson — 7 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline

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Love it!  Got a fun almost inverted Pac-Man feeling to it.

The fact that the creepy disembodied deer heads don't actually hurt you does make it a bit easy and take away some of the strategy.  I couldn't think of a reason not to just hold shift and keep planting seeds everywhere I walked.  

Still, great game, definitely lived up to the awesome title!  :)


Cool that you liked it!! 

In prototype versions, I had the deers accelerate even quicker when eating flowers, but then you kind of got punished in afterhand for decisions made earlier, which would potentially make people quit the game in confusion. 

Also, I kind of wanted that hypnotic sedative feeling of navigating through a maze, if you know what I mean, and a higher difficulty level tended to destruct the flow of that.

the music does let this down, but its actually pretty good!. :)


What hot key is the .308 so I can stop these dang deer from eating my flowers once and for all?


Reverse pacman :D


Quite a good game with some strategy. It looks great, but I find the music a bit annoying ^^' I've yet to figure out the movement patterns the deer follow, I bet that is essential to being any good at this game.


It was not my intention to make it a difficult game, I wanted people to get to the later levels, and adjusted down parameters several times. So I hope you don't need to master the underlying deer mechanics to succeed. But in any case, they are only quasi-random so it should be possible to find repeatable patterns between plays of the same level. About the music -- yes I could probably have done something better. Hope it was at least acceptable in quality and did not deter from playing further.


I didn't find the game too difficult, but I didn't beat it either ^^

about the music, it's not a big issue for the game itself ^^