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Twitter List of Participants Sticky

A topic by Title_Pending created Jan 14, 2016 Views: 408 Replies: 6
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I'm developing a contact list for the Jam. There will be monthly updates starting February to get people to start thinking of Fairy tales, and then week to week updates during the month of the Jam. If you have questions or requests please post below.


hey~ my twitter is @StudioSmartGem

I draw things lol


Thanks for joining :D

It seems like a lot of Jams require you to have Twitter... I've made a valiant effort thus far to keep away from Twitter. Is there any other avenue for getting connected to a team for this jam? (Discord? Slack? Facebook? Google?)


Twitter made the most sense as a lot of people are on Twitter. I'm on Slack, Facebook, and Google Plus. Ji Min is also on Facebook.

I'll post a team forming post here, and send a meassege via twitter.

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Just learned about this site but I'm a budding game programmer willing to learn and help out!

My twitter is @Grimzoul.


Cool :D