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Looking for teammates? Find some here! Sticky

A topic by Laura Michet created Aug 26, 2017 Views: 3,824 Replies: 43
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It seems that everyone is divided, I'm looking to join the most serious team here. I've got programming skills in Java,C, PHP, SQL,  HTML, and web design skills. I'm also good at creating concepts and ideas and taking lead of something. My Discord is Fragger123#0785.

I am a 3d artist with about 5 years of experience. I have made a few models for the source engine in the past. If anyone wants to team up, please let me know.  


Could you show what models you've made in the past? Were still looking for modelers. I made some concept art which we use as a frame of reference for models and was curious to see what you've got. Contact me at .

Hi guys!

My name's Alex and I've been in the music side of things for the last ten years. I use Ableton and Notion. Let me know if any of you guys need someone to write (orchestral or produce (electronic) any music for your submission.




I would love to hear your prior work as a frame of reference. I would appreciate it if you could link me your YouTube,Soundcloud or contact me at .

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Hi there my name is John Patrick Cube(My surname is a literal C-U-B-E)

I'm a programmer a computer engineering student who utilizes all languages. I have been a HL fan for so many years.
I also studied 3D Modeling and a bit of animation. Im more focused on VFX but I have nothing to show because my PC is at a moment of repair.

Programs used to develop game:

-> Unreal Engine
-> Unity Engine
-> 3DS Max
-> Maya
-> Houdini
-> Speedtree

Sorry for my bad English and I really want to see or just visualize HL3/Epislte 3 because it's been years.

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Hello to everybody! My name is Andrey and i decided (why not) to participate in this jam. Currently project is on prototype stage, but anyway - i need teammates who can help me in making this project. Anyone can help. Rules are simple - There will be no CEO or Project leader here and nobody prefers to do anything. If you see that you can not do this or that thing, then you can move on to another.  No ambitious goals pursued here. Only one goal here is matters - to make a decent game in HL universe.

Link to discord server :

Hello Everybody!

This is my first jam and I am interested in learning the in and outs of them but I can't do it alone.

I have a good knowledge of Construct 2 and I built a full "game" (a infinite runner) and I even already started a rough prototype for this jam (a top-down shooter) but as my profile pic that I made myself shows, I have no artistic ability whatsoever so I was looking for somebody that could help me with that. I would also love if somebody who knows about level design could help me.

my timezone is UTC-03:00.

Thank you all very much.

Dont use source for half life epistle 3 ... use unreal engine 4 ... 

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Hello guys!! i have an idea!

GMan can be GravityMan (from black hole on MilkyWay)        ; )  

Niiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeeee!!!!  We going to walk through the Space!!

Kill Gman and Game Over!


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