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A jam entry

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Submitted by Jumilee with 47 minutes, 39 seconds before the deadline

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Every levels are one emotion




Where am I ? I can’t remenber what happened… wait… that’s like a waking dream, what is this place ?

Oh, now I remember. I tried to kill myself with medicines. I don’t wanna live anymore. Or, should I talk to past ? I am dead ? Is there… that ?

I hate, or hated life. Life wasn’t for me. Well, maybe it was, but I think I wasn’t made for living.

Life is only a very long time of sufferings, and Death is the only healing. You live for nothing.

… But where am I ?

I feel like… If I was here, but without my body… Am I in my « soul » form ? Without any body ?

Hey, what’s that ? A Ball ? I can’t move as I want with that !!!


I always felt shame. I remember the laughters of the other kids. The first time, it was terrible and I cryed everyday. But, I finally became familiar with this. Kids are horrible persons, espacially with other kids.


This world is rubbish. Violence, sex, drugs, people era so stupid so they become controlled by these addictions, and in the same time the « powerful ones » can do what they want. Look at them, they do it just behind a trash… That’s disgusting.


One of the very rare moments of hapiness in my pathetic life. I won this cup when I was in High school. It was a cross-country race. I finished first, and I have to admit I still don’t know how. But I was so happy I wasn’t thinking about it on the moment. I wish I’ll be able to feel this again...


A moment like that… I had plenty of these. For everything. Everything made me Sad. I was constantly suffering, and nobody never came to me. The only thing I had to fight were my tears. I can fill a whole pool with it. Life sucks. But I won’t cry again.


His name is Spoofy. He was only 3 weeks when I got him. I was so happy, and he was my best friend. My only friend actually. Everytime I was crying alone on my bed, he came to me, as he wented to say : « You’re not alone. At least I am here ».


I feel hate. A lot of hate, just by remember his face. His name was Tony, I call him « No-Heart Tony ». His main hobby was to tax the young girls in front of schools at the end of the day. But one day when I went to collect my little sister after school, I saw him bothering my sister. I crushed his head. Literally.


I… I am scared. I remember of everything. Everything good, and everything bad. I’m still suffering. Am I dead ? Is that it ? Death ? Suffering again, but forever ? I am scared. I don’t want to suffer anymore. I don’t wanna die. I want to live. I hate it ! I hate death ! HELP ME !


Help me… Mia ? Mia please help me. You are my only reason to live. You make me breathe and fight everyday. I wonder about you everyday. I want to be with you forever, Mia. I love you. I don’t wanna die, please help me. Give me enough power to live again. I LOVE YOU !


What ? Am I…. alive ? Was I really die ? Did it works ? I… I’m alive !!!