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Always wanted to make a zine? Well now you have the chance! Make a zine using Electric Zine Maker!

For those of you who missed it, we kicked off with an interview with the creator of Electric Zine Maker, Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon), you can watch the stream here: 

Electric Zine Maker Kick Off and Developer Interview: Part 1 - Part 2

We also have more Zine Maker streams to look forward to, including one with Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, and The Midnight Gospel! The jam will close end-of-day Tuesday and then on Wednesday we'll cap off by showcasing some of your zines! 


This Sunday, June 28th 

11 AM PT / 18 PM GMT - Pendleton Ward & Jamie Parreno make a Zine! 

12 PM PT / 19 PM GMT - Ian Hinck makes a Zine! 

 Wednesday, July 1st 

11 AM PT / 6 PM GMT - Martzi Campos & Jesse Vigil make a Zine and celebrate the Jam Zines!  

Use Electric Zine Maker from June 26th to June 30th to make a zine. During the jam, we'll be streaming some Electric Zine Maker and sharing some zines that have been created. Then, starting July 1st, we'll be streaming our favorite zines made during the jam

Join us on Discord! – - an easy way to ask questions, chat, meet other jammers, whatever. If you haven't yet, be sure to say hi in the #zinemaker-intros channel. We ask that you follow our Code of Conduct in all of your IndieCade interactions, virtual or otherwise. If you have any screenshots, work you are doing or anything you are posting on social media tag us #ElectricZineJam @indiecade so we can repost! Also post in the #zinemaker-showandtell channel on Discord.

After the jam, make sure to tune in every Sunday and Wednesday throughout the summer for more gameplay streams, twitch plays, developer interviews, tournaments, game give-aways, and more … Have fun! The IndieCade Team


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A mini-zine about learning and growth. Made for Electric Zine Jam June 2020
Run in browser
Two short zines with words & art
a hatsune miku death cult religious pamphlet
A mini zine of programming advice for beginners
A zine about fragment of an old lady's life.
Run in browser
Five highlights from the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality
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a couple little zines about the world
a zine about how to play text adventures
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A zine about leaded gasoline and Thomas Midgely
Submission for Zine Jam using Electric Zine Maker
A photozine
Run in browser
a DM-optional storytelling RPG zine
A curation zine of Bella & Connor's favorite relaxing Youtube channels we like to watch before heading to bed.
a short zine about queer family
Small poems and constellations
A zine all about ME AND MY MUSIC
A Zine made to express the inner turmoil and rage I feel uncomfortable giving voice to.
Run in browser
A collection of poetry and art
Zine made for the Electric Zine Jam
a zine collection of poems concerning mental illness in the time of covid-19
A Zine made by Isla and Chat for Indiecade!
A zine about running away, and getting run away.
another short art project
Electric Zine about My Genderfluidity