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Our 1st 48 hour jam

A topic by Kalponic Games created Jun 28, 2020 Views: 106 Replies: 3
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So this was our 1st 48 hour game jam. We had trouble finishing things on time and planning accordingly. The game right now  has lot of bugs and needs UI  improvements. We were brand new as a team. The members consisted of a composer,an artist,a technical artist and 2 programmers. Our team work was quite good but can be improved lot more. So from this jam we going to discuss how to meet deadlines more efficiently. Hopefully you will like our game. See you next time with some more games to show off. Thanks for having us everyone. A round of applause to all hard working members of IGDA.

here is our game:


I tried the game and I liked the art alot. Yes the game needs some improvements but good job! 

wish you all the best in the upcoming game jams :)

Thanks for trying out the game.


It is always tough to push toward such a short deadline without being familiar with your teammates, a lot of this is learning about each other as well as working on development.  I enjoyed the vision we created for this game, seeing the ideas and game-play concept blossom so quickly, and seeing everyone bounce ideas off of each other especially in aspects of the game they weren't specialists in. Made for a very immersive experience. I enjoyed working on the music for this game, and the uniqueness that came with the idea we had for the game.  I appreciate @kalphnic's willingness to jump in everywhere where needed and his working on all aspects of the game.  Plus our artist's were fantastic and knocked this stuff out at lightning speed.  Great job team.