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Is it possible for people to join our team after we've submitted our SurveyMonkey form?

A topic by sharkcircuits created Jun 22, 2020 Views: 162 Replies: 3
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We signed up earlier today with a group size of 3 people so far, but a friend has found a friend. We're wondering if it's possible to retroactively add more members, as long as they don't come in after the gamejam has started and we don't exceed 5 people.


Yes, you can add more members up until the final submission! 


I am in the same boat. Do we need to do anything special to add in the last person? Like, do we need to reapply through surveymonkey? And if so, do we lose the guarantee for a mentor, since the original application made the deadline?


You need to reapply, but you will not lose your guarantee for a mentor.