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Farm In Peace, a farmers tale from another planet
Submitted by SweetGamesJosh — 6 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Impelmentation#272.5002.500

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  • The game loop of cutting down trees to buy seeds to grow wheat and then sell the wheat was actually fairly enjoyable. The gameplay itself became very boring after a few minutes. The ship was very slow, it took a while to find the shop, and the ship sounds made me mute the game completely. I also noticed that the player didn't pick up all the items on the ground, they were physically picked up but didn't appear in the toolbar. There was no way of getting back to the main menu, where all the keybinds were, so it could have been nice if there was a way to see the keybindings in-game. Overall: Nice take on the theme, could definitely have become more interesting with more development and polish. Goo work.

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I like this game, it's so easy that it's boring... like watching a crops growing up. Jokes aside, I think this game has a potential and it can be expanded with more crops, a purpose to earn/spend money etc. It is easy and it fits "No Enemies" theme well.

However, there are two things I don't like in this game. Controls are not comfortable as they could be. Well, player enters UFO with E key, but in order to get out of UFO you have to press Escape. That's unintuitive. The same goes for cutting down trees/wheat crops(Shift and LMB I think?) and planting tree/wheat (Spacebar vs LMB). That feels very strange. When you are inside while circle, it should be obvious you are intended to plant wheat seed, not tree sapling. I think if you could unify those 3 pairs, the controls would be much better.

Second thing I don't like is: Until you find shop, there is no reason to do anything. Look at player's UFO. It has potential! Instead of searching shop in the middle of nowhere, player's vehicle may have a very advanced technology that transforms wood into wheat, rye and other crops you wish to include in the future. If I were you, I would get rid of shop and implement exchange system inside that UFO.

Few improvements and this game will be much better. I like the fact you created farming based game for this jam as I don't see a lot of games including this mechanic. This project is definitely worth improving and further developing. Good work!


Hi Kiel97, thank you for your input. I also agree that its too easy and the controls are a bit confusing. I am very new to game development so i didn't have a lot of time to polish. At this stage its more of a concept than a playable game. Also I think your idea to have the ufo replace the shop is very creative and I've never thought about that :)


Glad to hear that! I wish you well on your game dev journey :)


Love the concept, I think could be expanded to an interesting farming simulator. I couldn't tell where the wheat was planted, or had any indication of how long it would take to grow, but I think with some more crops and features could make a good Stardew Valley-esque game


when you click on a crop circle with seeds in your inventory it shows seeds in the crop circle. and each stage of growth is 60 seconds. and i would like to add more in the future but i didnt have enough time to really fill out the game. thanks for your feedback!