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Easter Greetings

A topic by H.H.Magoo created Apr 13, 2019 Views: 55 Replies: 4
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Have a happy jam! I will not be participating... but only because I already made a happy, child-friendly, Easter-themed game this year. Feel free to use it for inspiration:


Hi there! Thank you for taking interest in my Jam. It is alright that you cannot participate this time. However, I do plan on having other Jams later this year. So I hope you plan to join them!

Yeah..I am feel very exciting for when this jam start and when theme will be published. By the way I am participating in it.


theme posted, sorry for delay, you do not have to follow theme


Me too. I have also joined. Planning to have an android version, windows version, and source code and posting it Thursday night. Started yesterday because I have not much time during the week. Best regards.