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My summer abroad working experience
A flatgame created in unity
Under the Sea Exploration
Take a journey through the thoughts of a pedestrian as they travel.
Hand drawn poetry
Baby it's cold outside
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My Flatgame Assignment project for DIT Game Tools Year 2 - Patrick Kelly.
Cycle home after a Night-Out
My Anguilla Holiday
A short flatgame made in unity
A flatgame based on the most dangerous thing I've ever done
Role Playing
A flat game that depicts a small restaurant I would always go to when on holidays in France
Memories of my time in Auschwitz
Take on the persona of a squirrel as you set on an adventure to gather as many nuts as you can muster!
A normal day at the beach turns out to be everything but normal. (press full screen button if played in browser)
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A short experience on people and their backgrounds.
Short flatgame about the quiet moments of life.
somewhere i've been.
A College assignment looking at my recent holiday to Mizen Head.
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Enjoy a nice calm cycle :)
A short experience about my shit best friend
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Me! As seen by my dog...
Visual Novel