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Don't Get Caught!

You better not get caught!

About this Jam

This jam's theme is don't get caught. 

After the jam there is a two day voting period, this is where you should play and vote on other peoples games, as they will do the same to yours. Give honest reviews and votes.

Any questions you can open a thread in the community tab.

  1. You may use any engine, programming language, WHATEVER, but it must be a game! This means that it can not be code, an image, or a video.
  2. Your game must be based around the topic of Don't Get Caught! The rest of the content of the game is up to you.
  3. You may work alone or in teams.
  4. All the images or content you use in the game must be created by you or you have the usage rights.

There's also a CrowdForge at if you choose to use it.


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