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Composer/sound designer at your service

A topic by joshd19 created Apr 30, 2020 Views: 116 Replies: 4
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I'd love to work on a sim game with you! I like to write cute, quirky tunes using clarinet, guitar, mandolin, keys, bass,  samples, and electroacoustic processing. Here's some of my work in the film and theater idiom: |

I am also comfortable handling foley, environmental, and tonmeister sound design responsibilities. I haven't worked on too many games but I'm willing to learn any implementation procedures that might be useful.  Message me on Discord at Tommen#5981 or email me at to discuss!


bump— still available! and I have a reel on YouTube now: 

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I can use the music and sound effects of someone.
Discord: rhendani#1964

I can't find you on Discord— please message me or send me an email!


Sent a message through mail