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Welcome all to the first TTRPG jam by Landsknecht Studios.

The goal of this jam is to design a TTRPG with minimal dice usage in a month. The entries will be voted on based on the general enjoyment of the game, as well as how creative their alternative to dice is.

Discussion will be held within the RPG Mania discord server.

Or alternatively, you may join the Landsknecht Studio discord at

Rules for submission:

Dice must not be the primary mechanic of your game, but they may be used for minor mechanics if needed/wished.
All submissions must be a Table Top Roleplaying Game (TTRPG) rather than a Video Game.
All Submissions must be in PDF Format.
All Submissions must be free until the voting period ends.


If wanted, Landsknecht Studios and The Spookatorium (Our Parent Company And Publisher) will work with you to refine, finish, and publish your project commercially. Our team will work with you to make your project a reality, and work with you as a team to complete your TTRPG. This prize is completely optional, and if claimed, will require a publishing agreement and a splitting of the profits with the company.

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diceless role-playing after a weird apocalypse
A book-reading oracle game
Play as different animals while you fall asleep.
TTRPG about deities designing human lifes
​A one page RPG using dominos instead of dice.
Suites is an one page RPG system powered by playing cards and blackjack.
Solo game about living moments from someone elses life
Plan events to describe humanity during a first contact with aliens
If the air can hold you, what else can it hold?
one page Persona 3 inspired TTRPG
An apocalypse road-tripping TTRPG