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The Double Fine forums are being upgraded, and will be down for about a week. This jam is simply a fun little thing to do while the forums are down. It's an extremely relaxed game jam. There is no main theme. Any type of game can be submitted, with any engine, on any platform. All that's needed is your imagination.

I'll be using this jam to handle all of my games that I work on during the forum downtime, and everyone else is free to use it as well (that way your game will be easy to find for anyone who is interested in the games that came from the jam). If anyone needs help on their project for this jam, I have a lot of free time this month and would be more than happy to offer advice, as well as music, sound, or art assets if you need it. I'll be on the DFAF IRC channel often during this downtime - so you can ask me for help there if you'd like. I go by Jenni there as well, so it should be easy to spot me. You can find the information about how to get to the chatroom here:

If the forums are already down by the time you read this, you can join the channel here:

Or if you'd rather use an IRC client, the channel is #DFAF on

There is also a collaborative game that will be made during the downtime. If you want to join in on the fun, the forum thread to do so is here:

We'll be discussing it on the DFAF IRC chatroom too, so if the forums are down by the time you read this, you can find out how to join in on the collaborative project fun there as well.

Also feel free to use the community tab, here on this jam page:

It should be awesome to see what comes from this fun forum downtime jam. :)


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