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It's that time again!

Gamjam Time. This time the THEME is pretty open but with a twist. As per usual, you are to create a game within 5 Days starting on November 1st. Details and Theme will be released on TairaGames Youtube Channel found below.
GameJam Theme: Available 1st November @

THEME: Expect the Unexpected. We want you to make something that blows us away. A twist in the story, a disturbing or pleasant surprise that awaits in your games universe.

Rules of Entry:

  1. Absolutely no assets from any store or third party are allowed to be used (Exception below).
  2. You may use third-party assets that are heavily edited beyond recognition.
  3. Unity standard assets may be used, as well as "In-Box" Assets from other Game Engines (Includes Image-Effects and Post Processing).
  4. Fonts under an OFL license may be used.
  5. Teams have no Size Limit.
  6. Game must be made within the time constraints.
  7. Game must be submitted as playable on a Windows 10 Operating System.
  8. Game must be playable with standard "Keyboard and Mouse" or "Gamepad".
  9. Games must be submitted as ".zip" or ".rar".


  1. Aesthetics and Graphics
  2. Music and Sound
  3. Gameplay
  4. "I didn't expect that" Rating

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Four challenges - the difference between life and death.
Little Timbone's Christmas
A puzzle game about saving lives and surviving World War 2 in occupied France.
Repair your spaceship to get to your destination
A Game About Bill.
A game made for Devsquad Halloween Gamejam
A Game About Glitchy Tunnels, Filled With UnExpectedness!
Just get to the magic sphere. (Game can be played over and over as Magic Sphere's position is randomised)
A fast paced game full of crazy things!
The little that I managed to make within the time of the jam