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Who's here and what are you going to do?

A topic by Red Ring Rico created Sep 08, 2016 Views: 574 Replies: 11
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Hey, everyone. I noticed that there were 8 people who joined, then it went down to 7, now there are 12 crazy fools who want to make a game of some kind for this dead platform.

I'm looking to make a simple beat-'em-up as a lone developer in the next four months. Though at the moment I may not have much free time to dedicate to this event.

What are you hoping to achieve during the next four months? Either way, I'm looking forward to the entries!


Hi Red Ring Rico.

I know you for your work in SS Sdk, good work btw...

I am a real newbie in the programming matter. My purpose is to participate to support the Jam and try to make a simple thing that can work just for start.

I am going to use BennuGD for Dreamcast because is the most easy enviroment for my level.

I would like to hear the stories behind the other entries.


Thanks, Alfons-Ryo, I'm putting the SSSDK on hold for this, so I'd better produce something! I have heard about BennuGD but haven't used it.

Good luck with the jam!


Completely new to Dreamcast Homebrew, and won't have time to start for a while, but I know I'll probably try doing something in 3D, and also has VMU functionality of some sort, since the VMU always fascinated me, and I'm a masochist when it comes to stuff like this. I do know that 3D Dreamcast Homebrew is indeed possible, since I've seen plenty of it on Youtube, but I'm gonna have to find me a good tutorial for how to work with the 3D hardware...

Ah, a fellow masochist. I, too, am doing a 3D game. Though, I'm using the Katana SDK as it's what I'm most familiar with, so the compiler isn't quite there with performing the best optimisations. My advise would be to not use the OpenGL-like API and go for the PVR one. As long as you are capable of pre-T&L 3D hardware mathematics, you should be fine.


I'm working on an adventure game. I've been working on getting the Wintermute engine in ScummVM suitable for use with the Dreamcast version of ScummVM (which is made with libronin, and is still maintained by Marcus Comstedt). It's not in trunk yet, but I have a pull request for the changes here:


I know I already sent an email out thanking you all -- but again thanks. I'm sure that each entry is going to be very different from each other, which is great! I like variety, and the more types of games the better! There really hasn't been too many complete homebrew 3D games, and I always love point-and-click games.


We joined when this started and we're already playing around doing a 3D engine for it! We're using OGL for now (to be able to use the tooling both in the DC and PC) but we'll change to PVR if the performance is bad.

We haven't closed how is the game going to be, but when the development goes a LITTLE bit further we'll create the game page and start devlogging.


Awesome! Sounds very ambitious. I'll be keeping an eye out. :) Hope that you find enjoyment in making it!


I only know Javascript at the moment, and am literally trying to get a grasp of C as quickly as I can. Haha. I feel a little screwed, and am not quite sure if I'll produce anything playable by the end... but maybe by the time it's all said and done I'll have enough knowledge to continue making Dreamcast games after the Jam. :) (And try again if we do this again)


Given how successful this has been so far, I'll most likely make this a thing that happens every year for as long as we get more than five people participating. :) Next year I'll save up a little more money so that I can get some interesting prizes for the people who participate.

Submitted (2 edits)

Three days left people! How are your games doing? I've seen that there already is a submision uploaded, I want to try it so bad but there's a lot of work to do!

A small sample of what we've got: model loading with texturing and normals, using a 3ds Max -> custom importer -> engine pipeline, so we can embed lightmaps and ambient occlusion maps easily, GUI textures and text rendering is almost working good and basic input is done!

I hope we have the time in these three days to code some meaningful gameplay. ;D